Leslie Caron sells her couture AND dines with Brangelina

Two-time Oscar nominee Leslie Caron, most famous for "American in Paris" and "Gigi," is following in Elton John's footsteps and cleaning out her closet.

Paris-based Caron, 74, will auction off a portion of her couture collection at Sotheby's in London on June 26. For more information, go to www.kerrytaylorauctions.com.

Lcaron_in_diormbohan_1969_presents_smqueOver 60 pieces from Givenchy, Dior, Saint Laurent and other top designers from the '50s-'80s will go on the block. Estimated prices:  $570-$5700.

Some - like the tangerine silk Saint Laurent gown she wore to the Cannes Film Festival with Kirk Douglas and the Dior frock she wore to present Steve McQueen with a Henrietta Award (World Film Favorite Actor) at the Golden Globes - also come with photos of Caron in the gowns.

"My sale starts at 4 p.m.," Caron, said from her Left Bank abode that she shares with her dog, Prunella. "Before me, they're selling valuable antique textiles. And after me, there are some very special items being auctioned – a dance costume that was worn by ballerina Margot Fonteyn, a pinstriped suit and nightshirt that belonged to Sir Winston Churchill and one of Princess Diana's cocktail gowns! Isn't that wonderful? I'm sure that will interest your readers," Caron added, with unabated "Gigi" spirit.

Caron was a young dancer in Paris when Gene Kelly discovered her. She's had a long career and though she's been off the celeb radar, she still acts occasionally.

She almost got the role of the murdered nun in "The Da Vinci Code." "They told me I looked too worldly." And she recently shot an upcoming episode of  "Law and Order – Special Victims Unit," playing a woman much like Teri Hatcher, who testifies against a man who raped her when she hears he has more victims.

And she's already met Hollywood's hottest couple. In March, Caron dined at the Hotel de Crillon with LA painter Don Bacardi and his friends, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They had invited Bacardi, a friend of Angelina's mother, to come to France and paint a portrait of the pregnant actress/activist.

"I like them very much," Caron said. "They're bright, interested in what's going on, open to everything, ready to grab everything they can out of life. They're not wasting a lot of time being movie stars. They're taking advantage of it to see, listen and learn. Their love affair is obviously not for the benefit of the press; they seem extremely happy and comfortable together."

There was only one awkward moment, when Leslie innocently asked where the baby would be born.

"They were perfectly mute," she says. "I wasn't thinking! They were being stalked everywhere by the paparazzi."

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Photo Credits: Leslie Caron in Dior by Marc Bohan at the Golden Globes, presenting a Henrietta award to Steve McQueen.
Courtesy of Leslie Caron