Liam Hemsworth is engaged to Miley Cyrus, so let's gaze longingly at these pictures of him

liam-hemsworth-getty.jpgSorry, humankind: Liam Hemsworth is officially off the market. He proposed to Miley Cyrus on May 31 with a gorgeous custom-designed Neil Lane ring. While we'll still get to objectify him in movies, let's take this chance to stare at his hotness and contemplate what Miley did so right in life to deserve his beauty.

Look at that face! He could spawn his own "hey girl" meme. (Internet, get on that. Stat.)

liam-hemsworth-kid-gi.jpgLook! He's nice to small children. And he towers over them, because he's tall. And not, like, actor tall, where 5'11'' means 5'9''. He's legit over 6 feet tall!

liam-hemsworth-hunger-games-costars-premiere-gi.jpgSee? Tall.

liam-hemsworth-smiling-hunger-games-gi.jpgAnd smoldering.

liam-hemsworth-signing-gi.jpgBut sometimes smiling! And seated.

liam-hemsworth-miley-gi.jpgReminder: He's marrying Miley. Related: suddenly feeling insane jealousy toward Miley.

liam-hemsworth-last-song-premiere-gi.jpgVintage Hemsworth!

chris-hemsworth-hunger-games-premiere-gi.jpgThis man will be Miley's brother-in-law. Most attractive Thanksgiving dinner table EVER.

liam-hemsworth-chris-hemsworth-gi.jpgJust two brothers bein' sexy at a movie premiere. The usual.

liam-hemsworth-miley-cyrus-peoples-choice-gi.jpgReminder: Miley Cyrus has probably sacrificed some sort of baby animal to join this family of perfect genetics.* (*this is a joke)

This concludes today's gratuitous photos of Liam Hemsworth segment. Stay tuned for future installments during which we objectify the 22-year-old "Hunger Games" star in different but still obvious ways.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images