Liam Payne's full-frontal nude selfie prank sends fans into a frenzy

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liam-payne-naked-nude-selfie-instagram.jpgOne Direction singer Liam Payne played quite the naughty prank on his fans Sunday (July 27). He posted a pixelated photo of himself seemingly completely naked, standing on a speeding boat, which he captioned, " D*** that was my last pair!"

Fans went nuts, writing things like, "So close yet so far" and "How to unblur a picture ...", which many other commenters getting excited that the latter comment was possible. Other fans were excited about the former "X Factor" star possibly being well-endowed, which ... OK.

This went on for nearly seven hours, until Payne posted the "unblurred" photo and revealed he was wearing boxers the whole time. "
Oh I found them never mind aha," he writes.

Those One Direction kids. Always up to something.

Photo/Video credit: Instagram