Life imitates 'Breaking Bad' as man named Walter White is sentenced for meth dealing

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breaking-bad-walter-white-headstone-funeral.jpgA Montana man has been sentenced to 12-plus years in federal prison for selling methamphetamine. So why is a pop-culture site writing about it? Because the defendant's name is ... wait for it ...

Walter White. Yes, a real-life meth dealer has the same name as Bryan Cranston's meth-cooking "Breaking Bad" character.

The Billings (Mont.) Gazette reports that White, 53 (or one year older than the fictional Walt at the end of the series) was a member of a drug-trafficking ring who brought a large supply of meth to Billings and nearby oil fields starting last year. He was arrested in March, two months after being shot by his son in a dispute over a drug debt.

White pleaded guilty to possession of meth for distribution and to possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking. He received a 12 1/2-year sentence. White says he was drawn into dealing after becoming addicted to the drug, and when he tried to get out of the racket, his suppliers threatened him -- shades of early seasons of "Breaking Bad."

Photo/Video credit: AMC