'Life Unexpected': Family therapized

" Life Unexpected" finally takes its characters where they've so obviously been headed since the show's inception: the therapist's couch.

The therapy comes about when Lux gets busted by the police helping Bug do his job handing out fliers one night at 1 in the morning. Once they meet up with the social worker to discuss the issue, everything that's been going wrong with their little family unit for the past few episodes comes out, and the social worker demands they have an evaluation to make sure they are fit to keep Lux.

At the therapy session with the social worker, the whole truth finally surfaces. The reason Lux has been so hard on Cate is because she hasn't forgiven her for giving her up all of those years ago. She's especially hurt Cate never tried to check in throughout the years to see if she was okay. Although Lux says she can't forgive Cate, the social worker is very pleased by their very real family dynamics and encourages Cate and Baze to file for legal adoption.

Meanwhile, Cate seizes on Bug's need for employment and tries to do something nice for Lux by getting Bug a job at the station -- but Alice won't hire him. Baze jumps on the opportunity to get him a job at the bar. Of course, Cate sees this as yet another dance in the "Baze is always trying to one-up me" game, which is getting a bit tiring. Thankfully, something interesting comes out of hiring Bug in that Baze proposes using him as sort of a how-to-be-a-dad crash test dummy, since Bug doesn't have a father figure and Baze is desperately trying to determine how to be one. This should offer interesting future stories, that's for sure.

In the end, Cate asks Ryan to talk to Lux and get her to begin the process of forgiveness, since Ryan knows something about how hard it can be to grant her the gift. Ryan works his magic and Lux moves "home" to Cate's. And so does Ryan! It seems he's ready to start forgiving her as well. Awwwww. I hope those crazy kids can make things work.

Random thoughts:
  • Great scene with Lux, Cate and Baze at the social worker's office. I shall call this scene teary-eyed moment No. 1.
  • Even better was the end scene where Lux moves home but tells Cate she's not sure she will ever forgive her, and Cate agrees that she can't even forgive herself. Teary-eyed moment No. 2! It sure was dusty in my living room this evening.
  • I am not sure what to think about them making Baze and Abby a legitimate couple. On one hand, the show needs more characters to fill out its world a bit. But, still. Baze and Abby? I don't know. What do you guys think?

Favorite quotes:
  • "You are such a great guy, you are making my ovaries hurt." - Abby
  • "In case you can't tell, I'm often in a race with myself for jack*** of the year." - Baze
  • "Well you won. Congratulations." - Bug, in response

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Photo credit: The CW