'Life Unexpected': Runaway bride?

" Life Unexpected" ends its surprisingly good first season on an emotional cliffhanger, leaving us wondering: Will the show be around next season to give us a resolution?

The episode starts off on a heartwarming note, as Lux is officially adopted by Cate and Baze. Things quickly take a turn for the awkward when Lux takes Baze to task on coming clean about his feelings to Cate before her wedding. Before Baze can do this, though, the entire wedding starts to go to hell: Abby gets food poisoning, the rehearsal dinner space gets flooded, and the station is breathing down Cate and Ryan's necks to sign a new contract. The last point is especially troubling when Ryan doesn't want to sign the contract so they aren't "locked into" anything. Ryan assures Cate he is with her for good, and they don't need a contract to prove that. Cate's mom Laverne takes the reins of wedding saboteur next, telling Cate maybe she's the one who actually doesn't want to marry Ryan. Between Lux and Laverne, it will be a miracle if this wedding takes place at all.

At the rehearsal dinner, everything comes crashing down on Cate and she starts to panic and have second thoughts. Baze gives her a pep talk and then follows that by telling Cate Lux doesn't want her to marry Ryan. He is just about to get his own feelings out when Ryan interrupts. Back at home, Cate confronts Lux on what Baze revealed, and Lux in turn tells Cate that Baze is in love with her. Cate points out that her and Baze is a fantasy, one that Lux needs to let go. Lux responds that fantasies come true, and gives the example of their adoption to prove her point.

Cate takes this under consideration and then goes to Baze and spills her feelings and doubts, explaining that she has some unresolved feelings towards him, asking him if he feels the same. All Baze can hear, though, are the voices around him telling him he's not good enough for her, so he lies to Cate and tells her he's not in love with her. Oh, BAZE.

cate-lux-finale-320.jpgThe next day at the wedding, Ryan notices Lux's cold shoulder and susses out that she is having a hard time dealing with the impending marriage. Like the saint they are so often making him out to be, Ryan recognizes Lux's desire to have Cate and Baze together, and allows her the room to have those feelings. He even tells her he will agree to postpone the wedding if she's not ready. I mean. There's a good guy and then there's an unrealistically good guy, and Ryan is in serious danger of becoming the latter. Instead of talking Cate out of the wedding, however, Lux's talk with Ryan seems to have swayed her affections toward him, and she manages to talk Cate back into the wedding instead.

Meanwhile, Baze confronts his father, letting out all of his frustration and calling him out on how his father's dismissal and coldness has affected his other relationships, especially his relationship with Cate. His father admits he doesn't know why he acts the way he does, and why he berates Baze rather than supporting him. He then says the words Baze has always wanted to hear: "I love you." Tears, people. Tears! Both onscreen and in my living room. His father urges him not to make the same mistake he made, and to go tell Cate he loves her. Baze rushes to the church but is too late, getting there just in time to see Cate sealing the deal with a kiss. Where the heck to we go from here?

With that tangled emotional mess, we end the season. Here's hoping we get a season two!

Random thoughts:

  • I don't know how many people were invited to the two-week-notice wedding, but that was an unreasonably HUGE rehearsal dinner. Perhaps if there were less people there, the toasts wouldn't have been so horribly inappropriate. Actually, knowing the way this show portrays the older generation, those toasts were doomed no matter what.
  • Nice callback with Math going on and on about Cate's love of "Opposites Attract."
  • Hooray for Rachael Yamagata and Ray LaMontagne on the soundtrack! "Duet" is a beautiful song and was placed perfectly in the episode.
  • I'm not married, but I really feel like if you are having doubts about the wedding the night before, perhaps you should take it as a sign you shouldn't get married. But I'm not a protagonist in a sappy television drama, so what do I know?
  • Kristoffer Polaha just knocked it out of the park this week. I want a season two just to see him in this part again, because no matter how immature Baze gets, Polaha always finds a way to make it interesting.

Favorite quotes:
  • "What's the matter? You look like you could use a box of wine." - Laverne
  • "You and your sister, wherever the hell she is on her self-indulgent Eat, Pray, Love tour, were the only good things to come out of all my marriages." - Ryan's Dad

What did you guys think? Are you happy Cate married Ryan? Or do you want her with Baze? What do you think about a potential love triangle next season when two of the people in that triangle are married? And do you want a season two?

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Photo credits: The CW