Lifetime's 'PopFan': Watch Chelsea Kane get stalked by Nolan Gerard Funk

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A modern day "Misery."

In Lifetime's "PopFan," Chelsea Kane ( "Baby Daddy") plays a young pop star looking to recreate herself and her sound on a quiet trip to Maine, when her life takes an unexpected turn. She is caught in a storm, crashes her car and is rescued by a young man (Nolan Gerard Funk, "Awkward"), who takes her to his secluded lighthouse to recuperate. But she soon discovers that he is not just her rescuer, but a mentally unstable and obsessed fan -- stage-five clinger alert -- who believes she is the image created by her music videos.

Check out the preview above to see the psycho in action and catch "PopFan" Saturday, Aug.23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime