'Lights Out': Get the full back story on FX's excellent new boxing drama

holt-mccallany-lights-out.jpgFX debuts its latest series, "Lights Out," on Tuesday night, and in lieu of a full review, we'll tell you this: It's really good.

The story of a former heavyweight champion ( Holt McCallany) who walked away from the ring five years ago but is feeling the pressure to return, the show blends the beats of a boxing redemption story with that of a family drama: McCallany's Patrick "Lights" Leary has a wife ( Catherine McCormack) and three daughters who fear for his safety if he returns to the ring.

Lights' boxing life is also a family affair: His father ( Stacy Keach) is his trainer, and his brother ( Pablo Schreiber) manages him.

FX and the show's producers (including "In Treatment's" Warren Leight) have also done something pretty remarkable as a way of getting audiences into "Lights Out": Below, you can watch a nearly 18-minute faux documentary speculating about why Lights left the sport and soliciting thoughts from the show's other characters (as well as a few real-life athletes, thrown in for verisimilitude's sake).

It's a really cool piece of marketing, and also a very well-produced way to draw viewers in. The prequel documentary (broken into four parts) is below; "Lights Out" premieres at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday on FX.

Photo/Video credit: FX