Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen hit red carpet for 'Scary Movie 5' premiere [PHOTOS]

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lindsay-lohan-scary-movie-5-premiere-2013.jpg Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen just can't get enough of each other lately, cozying up on the red carpet at the premiere for their new comedy "Scary Movie 5."

The stars who have both had their share of troubles also shared the small screen on Thursday night in an episode of Sheen's FX comedy "Anger Management."

The latest "Scary Movie" has quite a bizarre cast -- not just Lohan and Sheen but other tabloid targets including Katt Williams, Andy Dick and boxer Mike Tyson in addition to familiar TV faces like Kate Walsh and Heather Locklear -- who all rubbed elbows at the premiere, even if they have little more than cameos in the finished film.

For those who are brave enough, "Scary Movie 5" -- which appears to actually star less flashly actors Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex in the lead roles -- opens in theaters across the U.S. today (April 12). Check out more photos from the premiere below.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan:

scary-movie-5-premiere-charlie-sheen-lindsay-lohan.jpgKatt Williams (left); Heather Locklear (right):

Andy Dick and Lindsay Lohan:

scary-movie-5-premiere-andy-dick-lindsay-lohan.jpgMike Tyson and Charlie Sheen:

scary-movie-5-premiere-mike-tyson-charlie-sheen.jpgLohan, again:

scary-movie-5-premiere-lindsay-lohan.jpgSimon Rex and Ashley Tisdale (left); Kate Walsh (right):

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images