Lindsay Lohan plays with a fan on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

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lindsay-lohan-jimmy-fallon.jpg Lindsay Lohan made a surprise appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Wednesday (Nov. 14), joining the host in another installment of the comedian's bizarre "Let Us Play With Your Look" makeover sketch.

The fact that LiLo didn't utter a single word should appease Barbara Walters, who recently slammed the starlet for agreeing to appear on "The Tonight Show" after canceling her sit-down with the veteran journalist.

Instead, the actress, outfitted like Fallon in a white bodysuit and platinum bobbed wig, selected a victim from the audience and slathered his head in mousse while the talk-show hosted screeched the "Let Us Play With Your Look" refrain until he collapsed on the stage.

At least the unfortunate victim of Fallon's latest hair massacre fared better than the rented Porsche Lohan crashed this summer. The star of "Liz & Dick," the Elizabeth Taylor biopic debuting on Lifetime Nov. 25, is facing obstruction of justice charges relating to the smashup.

Photo/Video credit: NBC