Lindsey Vonn leg photo shows off her graphic skiing injury


Lindsey Vonn is still recovering from the leg injury she sustained while competing at the skiing world championships in Austria, and she has shared with the world her recovery process. Warning: it's not very pretty.

Vonn posted a graphic Instagram photo that shows of her swollen and bruised leg. "My knee very good.... #longskirtsthissummer #ugh," she wrote.

At least it is recovering, right? After all, Vonn did tear her anterior-cruciate and medial-collateral knee ligaments and broke a bone in her lower leg, and she only went through surgery on Feb. 10. Vonn has been keeping her fans up to date with her situation and seems to be in good spirits about her recovery. Maybe that has something to do with her rumored new beau, though.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images