Lindsey Vonn takes 16-year-old to his homecoming dance

lindsay-vonn.jpgWorld Cup champion and Olympiad skier Lindsey Vonn was visiting the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy when she walked past 16-year-old Parker McDonald's lunch table. McDonald, who still didn't have a date to the following night's homecoming dance, had an idea.

"I thought, 'I need a date and there's Lindsey Vonn. I'll ask her!'" he tells Vail Daily. "She walked by my lunch table and I whipped out the question."

It turned out to be a good move.

On Friday, Vonn posted on her Facebook: "Yesterday I visited the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy and while I was eating lunch with all the students a 16 year old boy named Parker asked me if I would be his date for their homecoming dance, which is tonight. When Parker asked me he was cute, nervous and very polite so of course I said YES! :)"

In fact, she may be even more anxious than he is about the big date. "All through school growing up I never got the chance to go to a school dance so I'm excited for tonight!" she says.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images