'Little Couple's' Bill Klein on Chelsea Handler's Chuy 'nugget': 'I can't stop the world'

anderson-little-couple.jpg chuy-bravo-and-chelsea-handler-gi.jpgWhile visiting Anderson Cooper's talk show on Tuesday (Mar. 20), TLC's "The Little Couple" -- Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold -- educate the audience on dwarf-tossing and share the unique experience of finding out that Arnold had miscarried on camera.

An audience member also asks what they feel about E! personality Chelsea Handler referring to her diminutive assistant Chuy Bravo as her "nugget."

"I guess my opinion is everybody needs to pick a path and follow it. I don't necessarily begrudge any individual pursuing a career," Klein begins.

"I think that labeling in general -- the feeling that you need to segregate a group of people, that their voice is something that can be stomped on by a majority of people, like a Chelsea or somebody like that -- that has a voice. They have a responsibility also and they shouldn't necessarily exhibit what their personal feelings are when they are talking to people that are impressionable.

"With that said, to each his own. I can't stop the world."
Photo/Video credit: Anderson, Getty Images