Little Mermaid gets plastic surgery in disturbing ad campaign

little-mermaid-plastic-surgery.jpgClinica Dempere, a Venezuelan center for plastic surgery, has decided its best course of advertising its business is the tagline, "We make fairy tales come true," accompanied by pictures of the Little Mermaid, the Evil Witch and the Frog Prince going under the knife.

The Ariel one is certainly the most disturbing. Discounting the fin-to-leg transformation (which, we suppose, is part of the actual fairy tale too), her face goes from perfectly lovely to kind of terrifying, in that I've-had-too-much-plastic-surgery kind of way.

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Maybe we're supposed to think it's only the fin-ectomy that Ariel undergoes, but the finished product does not look that much like the Ariel we all know and love. It looks more like she got some cheekbone sculpting, lip implants and a breast augmentation, in addition to the fin removal.

Perhaps the larger (and more disturbing) issue is that plastic surgery for young girls is becoming more prevalent phenomenon all the time. So maybe using beloved children's cartoon characters i not the way to go in advertising for plastic surgery. Disney princesses are already displaying the impossible standard of beauty that young girls are inundated with.

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And men/boys are not immune -- even here, the frog prince goes from a frog to a prince on the operating table, though again, that is the entire basis of the actual fairy tale.

What do you think, readers?

fairy-tale-witch-plastic-surgery.jpg frog-prince-plastic-surgery.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Clinica Dempere