Live blogging the SAG awards!

While the fabulous (and unstoppable) Elizabeth Snead is braving the damp weather on the red carpet and in our Envelope one-on-one winners room at the 14th Annual SAG Awards, I (Deborah Netburn) in my comfy UGGs and sweats will live blog the event via our flourescent-lit office...Join in with me. What do you think so far? Post comments below!

7:05 And we're out. Thanks for reading and thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her blog space. Stay tuned for videos with the winners shortly. I just got word Elizabeth has the entire cast of "The Office" in The Envelope's one-on-one room (making it a one-on-13 room?).

7:00 All right! Way to shut it down with a bang Screen Actors Guild. Tom Cruise is the final presenter. But bummer, he's keeping it totally together. No creeptastic smiling, no nothing. Just a quick announcement that the cast of "No Country For Old Men" has won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. "This is Javier Bardem's 4,700th award," says Josh Brolin, who is speaking for all. "It's very sad for the rest of us."

6:50 Day-Lewis is sort of speaking in an awesome intense gibberish. He also mentions Heath Ledger -- one of the first times this evening. And now he seems to be going through a filmography of Ledger's work. Then he dedicates the award to him. Unexpected!

6:49 Oh, no! What is presenter Kate Hudson doing? Whom is she saying hello to from the stage while co-presenter/co-star Matthew McConaughey talks? We once went to a wedding where the bride did stuff like that during the ceremony. Not classy. (Her dress is cool, though). They are giving out the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, which is going to Daniel Day-Lewis.

6:36 OMG. Let's talk for just two sentences about Cate Blanchette's performance in "I'm Not There." It's not that awesome! I mean, geez! It's a caricature. There's nothing subtle about it. I like her as an actress. But ... well, I'm pleased to see that the SAG voters agree with me. Ruby Dee has won it for her role in "American Gangster." She's teeny tiny! But her glasses aren't!

6:22 Umm ... Mickey Rooney is sort of pompous. Am I allowed to say that? I thought he was about to do something seminal, but instead he was just introducing the nominees for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries. He said it was a tie, except that apparently it wasn't. It was Queen Latifah who won. Who cannot be there this evening. "Thank you all, and good night," says the Rooney.

6:19 Actors to other actors as Mickey Rooney comes on stage: "Should we stand? Are you going  to stand? Are other people standing? I think we should stand." Mickey Rooney to actors: "You are beautiful."

6:17 James Spader and Holly Hunter announce the nominees for Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-series. This appears to be the way for respectable actors (who maybe actors who are having trouble getting work?) to do TV. Nominees include Michael Keaton, Kevin Kline, Oliver Platt, Sam Shepard and John Turturro. Kline gets it, but he's not there.

6:07 "That's it?" asks Durning after a few minutes of applause. He seems to have a little trouble finding the microphone. "I know you're new to the business, but here's the mike," says Reynolds. "Hello, Mike," says Durning. Dude rocks.

6:02 We're still on Durning. We just saw him dancing in a clip from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." Now Burt Reynolds is talking about him, saying he wants to take a bite right out of his cheek. "Achrump." (That was him miming actually taking a bite out of his cheek). Bizzaro.

5:56 "Hello Friendos," says Denis Leary. He's on stage to talk about his friend/colleague/on-set dad, Charles Durning, who is about to get presented with one of those  retrospective awards. I actually did a little piece on this guy once. His career is insane.  Before becoming an actor he was a boxer, a ballroom dancer, and he killed people in WWII.  ("Dancing With the Stars" producers, I hope you are paying attention.)

5:44 Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series is about to be presented. Based on the preview clips we think "The Office" should take this one ... AND we are right. They win! A jazzy version of their theme song is now being played. Doom, daaa doo, dee do da da, doom, doom, doom de doom. ... It's taking a long time for them to get up there. And Jenna Fischer is speaking for the cast, many of whom, according to Fischer, have been non-working actors for as long as 8-10 years.

5:41 Yay! Alec Baldwin wins for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. Boo! He apparently can't be with us this evening. Well, no Alec Baldwin is still better than having to hear Jeremy Piven speak. Sorry to be like that, people, but that dude has got to chill out.

5:39 Vanessa Williams got robbed! Tina Fey has won for Outstanding Performance by Female in a Comedy Series. Bo-ring

5:28 Patrick Day, our online film guru (who's still exhausted from his week in Sundance. Yes, that was my shamelss plug for our fest blog <>!) just waged a bet that before the night is over someone will say: "I don't think art should be competitive, but I accept this award anyway," "I don't deserve to be mentioned with these other nominees," or "I was sad to say goodbye to this role."

5:27 Marion Cotillard is given the honor of giving out the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role all by her lonesome. She looks vaguely sinister while reading the brief intro, but maybe it's just taking lots of concentration to get the pronunciation right. Javier Bardem has won it. My colleague Rebecca has been praying for just such a win! And her dad's a minister.

5:20 "Ugly Betty's" Vanessa Williams is my hero! She looks amazing and still sort of (w)itchy like her character in that yellow dress. She's announcing the nominees for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. (I want "The Sopranos" to win because I also love Michael Imperioli!) And my hopes are realized except ... where's Imperioli? I can't find him in that sea of men in tuxes. Tony Sirico does the honors of speaking for the group. He's honored. He's humbled. He loves David Chase. Don't we all!

5:10 The first of our quirky Hollywood mash ups -- Debra Messing and Zac Efron -- are giving out the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. (What exactly is the message here? She played Will's best friend, Grace, right?) Anyway, it goes to Edie Falco (whom we've been loving on "30 Rock"). She says, "This was so not supposed to happen." Our editor (a loyal "Brothers & Sisters" fan) says, "Whatever!"

5:06 Steve Carell and Tina Fey hand out the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. (Those two!) The award goes to James Gandolfini. He didn't know it was the first award, and he thinks it's kind of freaky. He says this is his last official act with the Sopranos together. He has a beard.

5:03 In the traditional series of talking-to-the-camera shots (from their seats), we learn that Sally Field, Doug Savant and Sandra Oh are actors. Rebecca Romijn is a model turned actor. And Jane Krakowski is Johnny Depp and an actor. (That last one was a joke, yo!) Maybe SAG should adopt all these presidential primary "change" campaigns and mix it up for next year's opening sequence. (Hey, I'm just sayin')

5:02 No more E! We've moved on to TBS to watch the actual show.

4:56 Jay Manuel is on the carpet looking insane -- white Gucci suit and white hair to match. He's just made some early best-of-the-carpet calls. Debra Messing (in Oscar De la Renta) and Sandra Oh (wearing a little-known Korean designer), consider yourselves highlighted.

4:50 Tough questions on the carpet people. Glenn Close was just asked who she thinks are the greatest actors of our generation. She threw Heath Ledger out there and Johnny Depp and then got flustered. "I'm not good at lists," she said. "Yes, you are," said the interviewer. "You are Glenn Close." Hmm.

4:44 So much to learn from this E! pre-show. For example, Ryan Gosling's sister just revealed that his family had always assumed he would be a dancer since he was little because he used to breakdance in a Speedo.

4:37 Question: Who was a little moody about working on a Sunday? Answer: ME! But this red carpet pre-show on E! is something else! I've already seen Ricky Gervais show his buns of steel, Rainn Wilson admit that he'd rather hang out with the "Lost" cast than "The Office" cast, and discovered that while Ellen Page was dressed in Zac Posen (of course), she doesn't know who made the shoes she's wearing. Oops!