Live musicals on TV: Justin Timberlake could anchor several

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joseph-gordon-levitt-justin-timberlake-singin-in-the-rain.jpg "The Sound of Music Live!" did very well for NBC Thursday night (Dec. 5). Not only did it have the internet abuzz, but it also turned in big ratings -- those two things don't always go hand-in-hand.

Zap2it brainstormed a few other musicals we think would make excellent live broadcasts and one of the choices was Justin Timberlake in "Guys and Dolls." Which caused us to fall down a rabbit hole of "What other musicals could Timberlake step into"?

Some of these are silly -- "Grease"? No. "Cabaret"? Probably on network TV. "The Rocky Horror Show"? Definitely not on network TV.

But a few of these, like the one pictured above, we're 100 percent serious about. How terrific would Timberlake and Joseph Gordon-Levitt be in "Singin' in the Rain"? We already know JGL can do "Make 'Em Laugh."

Or how about Timberlake and Bradley Cooper as Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit in "Guys and Dolls"? Amazing. Timberlake could also step into the shoes of Curly in "Oklahoma."

Obviously George Clooney isn't a crooner like Bing Crosby, but he's the right age (Crosby was 51 when he did "White Christmas") and we love the family connection -- Clooney's aunt Rosemary was in the original.

Your move, NBC.

george-clooney-white-christmas-justin-timberlake.jpg justin-timberlake-grease.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Internet Fair Use