'Live with Kelly and Michael' debuts: Are Ripa and Strahan your new favorite daytime duo?

kelly-ripa-michael-strahan-live-with-kelly-and-michael.jpg"Live! with Kelly" made it official Tuesday morning (Sept. 4) when it became "Live! with Kelly and Michael" and welcomed Michael Strahan as Kelly Ripa's permanent new co-host. The nine months since Regis Philbin left saw almost 60 co-hosts join Ripa at her hosting table, but now she has found a new partner.

The announced kicks off the new show with, "For the last time as a single lady, please welcome Kelly Ripa!"

And Ripa says, "I've really been very fortunate, I've sat next to so many talented people ... I have enjoyed every single solitary person, except for like one. The staff is laughing 'cause they know that's true. I walked backstage and was like, 'OK, never again.' [laughs]."

"But now it's time for a new era of our show. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of our 'Live' family, we are honored to have him here -- Michael Strahan!"

And the giant hulk of a co-host came out, picking up Ripa in a bear hug and saying, "I'm so delighted to be a part of this. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing me here. You know how you say it's a dream come true? I can't even say that 'cause I didn't know I could even dream this."

"I know he could bench press me if he wanted to," cracks Ripa -- heh. Strahan could probably one-hand dead lift Ripa straight over his head.

"But then I lost all my tough points because I almost cried," says Strahan. He then calls Kelly his official TV-wife and presents her with a bouquet of red roses. Awww.

Are you excited about the new era of "Live!"?
Photo/Video credit: Live with Kelly and Michael