Living the Oscar 'Suite' Life

As if Oscar swag bags weren't enough...

Now it's Oscar Suites Week, that time of awards season when clothing designers, accessory and jewelry folks, and major beauty, hair and cosmetics companies take part in "Oscar retreats" or "Oscar lounges" held in swanky hotels, ritzy salons or private venues around Beverly Hills.

Oscar nominees, presenters, or after-partygoers are all invited to stop by and be pampered, rubbed, scrubbed, snipped, shaved, curled, painted, polished, primped and poked (think Botox) -- during their stressful week. Then they're given limo-loads of free stuff. Rough life, huh?

But according to the organizers, awards pampering/gifting suites serve a humanitarian Hollywood cause. Apparently, it's very, very difficult for famous folks to shop in real stores or comfortably browse local malls. So Oscar suites that encourage stars to survey merchandise and take what they want is the only way they can comfortably shop.

Oh, please. That's not shopping. Outside of Hollywood, that's called looting.


But since people do care about what stars use and/or wear, here's a far-from-complete list of Oscar suite activity planned for this week. Yes, I know I'm perpetuating the celeb/product obsession. But at least it gets some of these indefatigable PR gals to stop speed-dialing me. Until next year.

What: The Diamond Aquifer Retreat

Where: A mystical "serene spa" at the members-only SoHo House high in the Hollywood Hills.

What's free: Therapeutic diamond treatments like diamond healing massages and facials, astrological readings (making Oscar predictions, natch), skinny models dripping with $70 million worth of diamonds and Diamond Information Center experts to explain all their precious stones.

Who: Early bird Felicity Huffman tried on a rose-cut ring ($275,000) for size. But a right hand diamond ring also caught her eye, maybe for an Oscar good luck charm. Apparently Hilary Swank and Cate Blanchett both wore diamond right hand rings to last year's Oscars and both got little gold men. Slated to stop by: Terrence Howard, Teri Hatcher, Bennett Miller, Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton, Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier, Natasha Henstridge, Tea Leoni, Brittany Murphy, Kate Walsh, and Rhona Mitra. Last year's diamond lovers included Demi Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Teri Hatcher.

Photo: "Transamerica" nominee Felicity Huffman shops for a diamond good luck charm at the Diamond Aquifer Oscar Suite at SoHo House.
(John Sciulli / WireImage)

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