LL Cool J supplies the eggnog, Guy Fieri brings the crabs: What stars eat at the holidays

Sure, they're celebrities ... but that doesn't mean they don't have specific cravings during the holiday season, as so many people do.

It may be a vastly popular choice such as turkey, or it could be a homemade family confection that's been a personal seasonal staple for years. And it might be a solid edible, or perhaps it's a drink that someone simply can't get through the holidays without.

(Can you say "eggnog?" Some of our famous respondents did.)

Zap2it asked the question... so here's a look at what some famous faces will be consuming to tantalize their taste buds in the coming days and weeks.

Bob Newhart: "Oh, it's gotta be turkey!"

Matthew Gray Gubler ("Criminal Minds"): "Yams."

Whoopi Goldberg: "Turkey with stuffing, and I make it really well."

LL Cool J: "Eggnog! That's not a food, it's a drink, but an excuse to have eggnog is always a good thing. That just works for me at Christmas."

Megan Boone ("The Blacklist"): "My family has a prime rib dinner on Christmas Eve. It's humanely farmed, but I love a good, rare prime rib."

Capt. Keith Colburn ("Deadliest Catch"): "Homemade French onion soup is always served on Christmas Eve. For Christmas dinner, we start with goose foie gras served with either a raspberry, apple or pear reduction. We also have prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, and homemade sauce/gravy from the drippings. Some of my favorite sides are butternut squash souffle and mashed potatoes."

Guy Fieri: "Crab. We live in Northern California, and our Dungeness crab season is in November. Everybody is, 'What are you cooking? And bring it by.' I make cold to Asian to Italian to spicy crab."

Barbara Walters: "Lots and lots of eggnog!"

Marisa Ramirez ("Blue Bloods"): "What isn't my favorite Christmas food?"

Trisha Yearwood: "There is a caramel candy that my sister and I make that my mom always made when we were kids. It's in my first cookbook. It's a candy with nuts in it. It's that taste that I associate with Christmas. We have to make it every year or her kids would just be shocked if we didn't."

John C. McGinley ("Ground Floor"): "I am a gravy junkie! Don't get me wrong; I love all the trimmings, but with the tacit understanding that they are going to literally drown in some of that good turkey gravy. I might go ask my wife if she would whip some up right now!"

Len Cariou ("Blue Bloods"): "One of my favorite foods at the holidays is a French Canadian pie called a tourtiere, which is a meat pie. And it's very, very delicious."

Emily Riedel ("Bering Sea Gold"): "I am dairy- and gluten-free. My favorite treat around the holiday is a tofu and dark chocolate pie made with date and walnut crust."
Photo/Video credit: Newscom