Lloyd Dobler, all right: Cameron Crowe teases ideas for a 'Say Anything...' sequel

say-anything-sequel.jpg Cameron Crowe said earlier this year that he would consider doing a sequel to "Say Anything...," his first film as a director and the movie that gave Generation X its greatest teen romantic hero, Lloyd Dobler.

Now promoting his latest film, "We Bought a Zoo," Crowe still says he'd like to revisit the lives of Lloyd (played by John Cusack) and those around him.

In an interview with Vulture, Crowe says his next movie -- he's also been working on a Marvin Gaye biopic and an adaptation of the books "Beautiful Boy" and "Tweak" -- will be "more of a straight-out comedy" than "We Bought a Zoo," which prompts a question about whether a "Say Anything..." sequel would happen.

"You might be in the minority [in wanting one]," Crowe replies, "because there were many people who got upset when I said it's the one thing I would think about doing -- something more with Lloyd's character or one of the side characters."

Vulture then suggests picking up the story of Joe ( Loren Dean), the magnetic dog of a boyfriend who inspired Lili Taylor's Corey to write 65 songs about him. "It's almost like there's an author that you like, and he brings back a character from a previous story," Crowe says. "Like, Salinger, even. There's a shadow of a previous story, but characters that you knew, sort of. And you go off on this tributary to another story with them. That's how I would do a 'Say Anything...' sequel."

Crowe also says he has "ideas" about where a 40-ish Lloyd would be today, but he won't give any hints: "Ask me in a year and a half," he says.

Color us intrigued -- by the "tributary" idea, by what Crowe might offer up in 18 months, pretty much by all of it. What do you think of the notion of a "Say Anything..." follow-up?
Photo/Video credit: 20th Century Fox, Getty Images