Logo introduces 'The Baby Wait': Adoption series chronicles an emotional rollercoaster

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the-baby-wait-logo.jpgAt Friday's Television Critics Association press tour, Brent Zacky, the Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development at Logo, announced their new series "The Baby Wait." The story chronicles the 30 days when a biological mother in Connecticut is legally allowed to change her mind about an adoption.

The stories featured in the reality show are not focused only on gay couples, though the first episode does. "Gay remains firmly entrenched in the programming of logo and all the things that we do," Zacky says, but he implores that where the network initially told stories about gay people, they're now looking to tell broader stories that gay people and their allies can relate to.

In the first episode of "The Baby Wait," we meet Genavieve Diggs, a teenage birth mother in Connecticut whose daughter Morgan is adopted by parents Mark Krieger and Paul Siebold. Executive producer Liz Gateley says that developing trust between the production and Genavieve was key to telling hte story. "It's very important to talk through with a young woman exactly what's going to happen and why we want to cover their story, as well as their parents," Gateley says. "The family is a very precarious relationship that you want to hold with kid gloves the whole way."

Gateley and executive producer Tony DiSanto originally envisioned the show as focusing on gay couples only, but the world opened up when Zacky suggested a broader audience. "This show is really about family ultimately and that's something everybody can relate to," says DiSanto.

It's an extraordinarily emotional show that gives an inside look at arguably the most tumultuous month in the lives of two families.

"As you're bonding with the child, instantly when she was put in our arms, all these hopes and dreams started bubbling up in us," says Krieger. "While you're building those, it's always in the back of our mind, what if Gen calls?"

Genavieve says, "It would be best for me, for the way I feel, but it wouldn't be best for her. That's what basically stopped me from trying to get her back. I didn't want to raise her on welfare, Section 8, food stamps. that wouldn't be fair to her. I wanted her to have the best life she could have."

The series debuts Tuesday, October 30 at 10 p.m. EST on Logo.
Photo/Video credit: Logo