Lori Loughlin returning to '90210' for Season 5 premiere

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lori-loughlin-90210-season-5.jpgMama Wilson is heading home from Paris -- that's right, Lori Loughlin is returning to The CW's "90210" to reprise her role as Debbie Wilson, the mother of Tristan Wilds' Dixon and Shenae Grimes' Annie, on the soap's Season 5 premiere.

According to TVLine, Debbie will be by Dixon's side when the show returns. Dixon got into a horrific car accident in the final moments of the Season 4 finale, so Mama W. will either be back to help her son recuperate or to help plan his funeral. (Since Wilds is coming back for Season 5, we're betting -- and hoping -- for the former.)

Loughlin left the show after Season 3 as the show focused more on the storylines of the kids on the show. Rob Estes, who played Loughlin's onscreen ex-husband for the show's first two seasons, will not be returning.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images