'Lost' for words

Terryoquinn_lost The weather outside is frightful, Lost-loving boys and girls. Least it is here in New England, where more than a million people are currently without power. Luckily, those of us near Boston are fine and dandy. Guess you could say we're kinda living in New Otherton, not New England, with those poor people in New Hampshire, Vermont, and western Massachusetts huddled around campfires hoping Smokey doesn't attack in the middle of the night.

So in case I eventually suffer the same fate as our local brethren (who obviously should have invested in the hamster-wheel technology currently powering our homes here), I'm gonna make this short. "Who are you, and what have you done with Ryan?" cry the masses! I know, I know. Brevity is the soul of wit, and I've never been accused of being witty. But I'll do my best this time around.

Next week, we'll have four entries. I'll wrap up Season 3's portion of We Have to Go Back. After that? Straight on through to Season 4! Thanks to your overwhelming response, I'll continue to do the series right through "There's No Place Like Home." I'll be covering lots of Season 5 stuff as well, but we're gonna finish what we started. And when we're finished, I have one more surprise to unveil.

In addition to the final two Season 3 rehashes, two features will make their reappearance: "Letters from the Flame" and a podcast. As per usual, I will need your help on both. For those of you new to the scene here, "Letters from the Flame" is my version of reader mail. (You can read the last one here.) You ask, I answer. How do you properly ask a question? Easy. Type out a big ol' "WAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!" in front of your question below. I'll also set up a thread over at the Facebook group for those of you busy throwing virtual snowballs at one another.

For the podcast, I'm going to try something new this type, inspired by last entry's fun "let's openly mock every reference overused by Ryan on the blog." That was freakin' sweet, hearing how I go to the well one to sixteen too many times. Looks like I have a fetish for talking about Eko's Jesus stick, High School Musical, and Lord knows how many other references I beat into the ground. But hey, the mockery's all in good fun, I know. And since I drop maybe 7500-10,000 words a week here, I was bound to reference Zac Efron's dreamy eyes a few times. It happens.

So in the effort to get away from my tried, true, and stale words, I want you, the readers, to select one word you want Diana and I to say on the podcast. It can be Lost-related (purge, cabin, Tunisia) or completely random. Just make sure it's not offensive, and it will be under consideration. And yes, just one word. Choose wisely. Depending on the reaction to this, we'll either include every single word suggested (podcast bingo!) or decide which ones interested/amused us the most.

I have no idea if this experiment will work. Unlike Ben, I don't always have a plan. But I thought it might be a fun way for those of you who normally don't comment to contribute. It's one word, people. You can do this. To keep with the light spirit of this task, I nominate the word "SHAMBALA" as the "WAAAAAAALT" equivalent for this endeavor. It reminds me of "Tricia Tanaka is Dead," which always brings a smile to my face.

So get to it, people: leave your "Letters" questions and your podcast words below. I look forward to incorporating them into next week's entries!

Ryan also posts every 108 minutes over at Boob Tube Dude, then peruses Zap2It's Guide to Lost Facebook group. He also encourages you to join the all-new Zap2It's Guide to Lost Twitter feed. Pretty soon he'll have as many platforms as you will have witty suggestions in the comments below.