'Lost' star lands Lucifer role on 'Supernatural'

Markpellegrino The devil has a face... and it's one many TV fans will recognize.

The CW confirms that, as EW.com first reported earlier today, Mark Pellegrino -- a former "Dexter" baddie, as well as "Lost"'s Jacob -- is joining "Supernatural" to play the pivotal role of Lucifer.

No word yet on how this casting news will impact his part on "Lost," but because Lucifier is just a recurring character, he could certainly pop up on both shows.

Are you excited about MP joining "Supernatural"?

My "Supernatural" expert, Marisa Roffman, has her own take: Pellegrino's proven in the past that he can play bad ass, but his stint on "Lost"-- and even to an extent on "Dexter" -- has shown that even when you hate him, you still kind of feel bad for the dude. In other words, the perfect sympathetic devil.