Louie Anderson: Governor Chris Christie 'really brave' to tell others to get off his weight case

louie-anderson-portrait-chris-christie-nc-325.jpg Louie Anderson is very familiar with interest in, and comment on, a public figure's weight.

Thus, the comedian and former "Family Feud" host identifies strongly with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, particularly in a week when the politician has been responding to reactions to his highly self-effacing appearance on CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman" Monday (Feb. 4).

'The thing is that when you're a big person, your struggle is right there in front of everyone," Anderson tells Zap2it. "Everyone has their own weight problem in a different way, and I think Chris Christie is really brave to tell people, 'Listen, it's really not your business. I'm aware of it, and I don't think I'm too fat to do the things I do.'

"We have a national weight problem," Anderson reasons, "and I believe Chris Christie will address it, but on his own terms. The cool thing is that he has such a good sense of humor about it."

Anderson is now dealing with his own weight issues in his own way -- as a contestant in ABC's celebrity-diving competition "Splash," premiering Tuesday, March 19. He looks at it as a new opportunity to shed pounds, which he reports he already has in his early weeks of diving practice ... but he hopes not so much that he's precluded from other television jobs he'd like.

"i'd have loved to get the part of Billy Gardell's father on 'Mike & Molly' (played several times by Francis Guinan on the CBS sitcom), or his older brother or whatever. I'd love that comedic part that I never accomplished while I was in [television regularly] because I didn't understand the whole thing. I'd been in stand-up, and I don't regret my life, but I do regret being so full of myself at times."

Getting back into the broader public eye is a prime motivation for Anderson to do "Splash," he admits: "People get reminded that you still exist. They'll say to me, 'We haven't seen you in a while.' Well, I've been headlining a show in Vegas for seven years, but what they mean is that they haven't seen me on TV.

"I have lots of fans from a lot of different things, like the 'Feud' and 'Life With Louie' and 'Coming to America' and my books, so I've had a really full time. But yeah, I'd like to be in a series."
Photo/Video credit: Newscom