'Louie': Philip Seymour Hoffman was slated to do an episode before his death

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louie-philip-seymour-hoffman-jeremy-renner-gi.jpgMonday's (June 9) episode of "Louie" features a guest appearance from Jeremy Renner -- and was initially set to feature Philip Seymour Hoffman as well, before the actor's unexpected death in February.

"I play a real character in Louie's life," Renner says in an interview with Yahoo TV. "Phil Hoffman was supposed to be in it, too. It's about young Louie. ...  Then Phil unfortunately passed, but I guess they were able to pull the episode together."

FX tells Yahoo that Hoffman hadn't filmed any scenes before his Feb. 2 death.

Renner doesn't say much else about his "Louie" role, but from the looks of the promo below, the character he plays isn't especially nice to the young Louie. The two-part story "In the Woods" runs longer than usual Monday, going from 10 to 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, FX