Louis C.K. shills perfume in hilarious spoof CK One ads - Watch

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Really, we're surprised no one's thought of this sooner.

A new Tumblr has popped up, dedicated to the delicate and hilarious art of melding Louis C.K. with the sparse advertising imagery of CK One. By mixing C.K.'s honest image with the ridiculous, empty aesthetic of Calvin Klein, whoever is behind this has managed to create some wickedly hysterical faux billboards and print ads.

That said, the pièce de résistance is, without a doubt, the fake commercial created with footage from the promo for C.K.'s 2013 HBO stand-up special, "Louis C.K.: Oh My God." It's just so very, very good.

If some late-night host doesn't book C.K. and get him to take part in a bit based on this soon, then there is no justice.

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Photo/Video credit: Tumblr