Love talks: new body and old nose


According to People magazine, Courtney Love has lost a whopping 44 lbs. And she's still going. So how did she dump the extra padding? By following a macrobiotic diet, eating fish, veggies, doing yoga and working out. And if you believe that, I've got some great New Orleans property near the levees you might like. On Love's website, she talks about the weight loss, having her overblown lips reduced and making her nose look more like her old nose. Oh yeah, that last bit will really help.   

"its my old nose,. and i love it because it just looks like my "self" in 93. i hated that nosejobby nose, it was like a little beak, and i went ot the guy who can fix thes ethings and just put your old bad assed self on, you arent kissing ass or not kissing ass, i just didnt like that old nosejob i went too far and i fixe dit and made it natural again,its real and is wide and has my chrcater and looks like the one god gave me so im happy not to have crazy lips and a crazy teensy unnatural little nose. so you have your opinion and ill have mine and it is my body and my face and lost 44 pounds with 6 more maybe 11 more to go. and ill fit tin that dammed couture, ( the uh ..real stuff) so im pretty yhappy and really all i care about i sthat my self esteem is limitellss and intact, and that nothing and no situation effects my self esteem in anyw ay, and creates negativity chaos or loss.

To see a photo of her reviled old nose, keep reading....