'Love Actually' Throwback Thursday: January Jones, Andrew Lincoln and more before their current TV fame

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"Love Actually" turns 10 today, which means there is no better time to look back on the many, many stars of the film who remain popular today. 

In fact, quite a few members of the ensemble cast have become big names in some of the most popular shows of our current television landscape.

In honor of the spirit of Throwback Thursday, here's a look at the stars of "Love Actually" who currently populate the small screen. A lot has changed for some in the past 10 years.

Andrew Lincoln

Then: Mark
Now: Rick Grimes on "The Walking Dead"


January Jones

Then: Jeannie - the American Angel
Now: Betty Draper on "Mad Men"


Martin Freeman

Then: John
Now: John Watson on "Sherlock"


Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Then: Sam
Now: Jojen Reed on "Game of Thrones"


Denise Richards

Then: Carla - the Real Friendly One
Now: Karen Desai on "Twisted"


Ivana Milicevic

Then: Stacey - the American Dreamgirl
Now: Carrie Hopewell on "Banshee"


Joanna Page

Then: Just Judy
Now: Elizabeth I in "Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor"


Olivia Olson

Then: Joanna
Now: Marceline the Vampire Queen on "Adventure Time"


It's also worth giving a special shout out to two "Love Actually" stars whose American television shows concluded their run in 2013: Elisha Cuthbert from "Happy Endings" and Laura Linney from "The Big C."

Who was your favorite character in "Love Actually"?

Photo/Video credit: Fair Use