'Lying Game' recap: Sparkle Band-Aid Chic

lying-game-twins.jpgSutton is really happy be in her old life for about two seconds before she starts being an insufferable bitch again. First order of business: Make sure Emma is as uncomfortable as possible so maybe she'll leave Phoenix for good. Second order of business: Get Ethan back, for which her main plan of attack is to be herself, which obviously goes over like a lead balloon now that he's seen he can get that hot little body with a personality as redeeming as Emma's. Third order of business: Reveal Laurel/Justin's secret to Ted and blow up their entire relationship. In case you weren't keeping track, the score is Emma: 3, Sutton: Screwed.

Ethan tells Sutton he's going to break up with her so he and Emma can go on the run, and suddenly Sutton gets way too nice for what we know she concocts this whole story about wanting to have Emma in town for real and introducing her to the family like they always planned. Emma, of course, is dumb enough to believe her. So Sutton takes the chance to force Ethan to accompany her to this week's big event, the Black and White Ball, which is like a co-ed debutante party for junior club members. Ethan gives Sutton a reprieve from the big public break-up, only to have Sutton insist they kiss publicly on the floor. He is left with a bad taste in his mouth, so to speak, and flees to spend the night with Emma at the cabin (almost in that way, keep reading...). Speaking of firsts, we learn that Emma lost her virginity to Ryan Harwell (who I mistakenly called Halliwell last week, stupid marble-mouthed teenagers and funny-speakin' Brits) even though he has always cared for Mads. That doesn't stop Sutton from putting a chocolate-covered strawberry to her luscious lips and making it clear she'd be open, as it were, for a do-over of their tumultuous test drive of each other's genitals.

While all this is going on, Mads' schemes to get together Alec and Rebeccannie together seems to pay off, which freaks Ted out mightily. He's already paranoid because of his own questionable whereabouts on the night Justin's mother died. Speaking of Justin, Kristin has a winning moment when she stands up to blonde-y for being a shady little ****. Go Kristin! Back to the plot at hand, Alec tells Ted that keeping Rebeccannie will benefit them and says that the Justin thing will blow over -- it has to "because if anybody ever found out why your scalpel really slipped that night...." (Anybody definitely includes Kristin, who at first blames herself and then says that, either way, she doesn't trust Ted any more.) Speaking of ghosts of the past, Dan interrupts their little war room to tell Alec he's found Annie Hobbs sitting on a bench in town and muttering to herself. He's stashed her in a nearby hospital.