MAD Magazine's 'The Following' parody, 'The Swallowing'

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MAD Magazine is about to release its annual "The 20 Dumbest" issue, and this year, "The Following" is among those getting the parody treatment. In this exclusive image from the Dec. 17 issue, check out MAD's take on "The Swallowing."

"The Following" may not have been the stupidest thing on TV in the past year -- there's a lot of competition for that title, after all -- but there are definitely some odd aspects to the show. All of those are on display in the "Swallowing" artwork.

Because it's important to get the full picture (including text) when dealing with a piece of MAD Magazine artwork, here are some close-ups of the picture's four quadrants.

The upper-left corner features the Kevin Bacon character -- here named Ruin Hottie -- and all of the reasons why parental discretion may be advised when watching "The Following"/"The Swallowing." "Side-splitting" -- and not from laughter -- may be the best.

mad-magazine-the-swallowing-following-1.jpgA couple of Ruin Hottie's FBI colleagues (RIP) hang out below.

mad-magazine-the-swallowing-following-3.jpgJoe Carver and his trio of lovers/killers (led here by Dilemma) hang out opposite Ruin Hottie, representing the evil, murderous side of the show.

mad-magazine-the-swallowing-following-2.jpgJoe's wife and kid are down below, explaining just how messed-up a family dynamic "The Following" has.

mad-magazine-the-swallowing-following-4.jpgSeason 2 of "The Following" will return on Jan. 10 on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: MAD Magazine