'Mad Men' at Paleyfest: Jon Hamm's YouTube recommendation, a staring contest and more

mad-men-paleyfest-2014-gi.jpgThere's a parallel universe somewhere in which "Mad Men" is a straight-up comedy, and it's not very far from our own.

The Emmy-winning series has featured plenty of comedic moments over the years, and Friday (March 21) at the 2014 Paley Festival, the cast's way with a funny line was on full display. Even before the first question, the show's cast was drawing laughs, as when Jon Hamm made an exaggerated come-hither face at the sound guy attaching his mic. A very appreciative audience couldn't get enough of it.

The physical humor reached its peak with a question from a fan about how the actors convey meaning in a scene where they don't have any dialogue. Cue Hamm making a serious face at moderator Mike Schneider from TV Guide, which led to a staring contest that lasted at least a full minute, to the amazement of the rest of the cast and lots of laughs from the audience.

Per usual with "Mad Men," there was no information about the show's upcoming season to be had. In talking about the show's history and approaching end, though, the cast got off a bunch of great lines. Here are some choice selections.

Elisabeth Moss on whether it's hit her yet that the show is ending in 2015: "I mean, I don't plan on seeing any of these people ever again."

Vincent Kartheiser answering the same question: "I'm gonna miss these guys -- they're pretty all right." After a couple of mock-offended, "Gee, THANKS" replies, Kartheiser spent the next couple minutes holding hands with Hamm and Moss, seated on either side of him.

Hamm, on whether Sally (Kiernan Shipka) walking in on his extramarital tryst last season was Don Draper's "rock bottom": "Well, that we've seen."

Jessica Pare on whether she gives credence to any of the more out-there fan theories about Megan: "I pay attention to the writing of our writers -- they tend to know what's going on. ... But maybe we're all dead, guys!"

Hamm on creator Matthew Weiner's designs for the end of the series: "... I'm putting words into his mouth -- because he f***ing puts enough into mine."

Moss on Peggy's evolving sense of style: "[Last season] you just saw she has boobs for the first time."

Hamm on the mystery of Bob Benson (James Wolk): "The way the show gives out information is very oblique at times. ... When we meet [Bob], I don't even know him. [Don's reaction is] 'Who is this guy with two coffees and a lot of words?'"

Hamm then goes on to recommend everyone find the "Mad Men"/"Benson" credits mashup on YouTube. "It's 45 seconds of your life -- and then you're going to watch it 10 more times."

He's not wrong. We leave you with "Benson," starring Bob Benson:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images