'Mad Men': Don Draper in new Season 5 poster

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Mad_Men_Mannequin_Poster_AMC.jpgAfter a controversial teaser poster depicting a black silhouette of a falling man from the show's opening credits, it's nice to finally see Don Draper ( Jon Hamm) and his handsome mug in the first real promo image we've seen from the upcoming fifth season -- even if it just his reflection in a shop window.

Don is gazing dubiously at a mannequin display, and as for what it all means? Well, creator Matt Weiner had this to say to the New York Times: "This is a dreamlike image. By the end of the season ... I guarantee you'll know what it is about."

By the end of the season?! Seems like a long time to wait after waiting such a long time already for Season 5 to premiere on March 25.

What do you think the poster means? Think it has anything to do with the proposal at the end of last season?
Photo/Video credit: AMC