'Mad Men' has us wondering: Did the Rolling Stones really do a cereal commercial?

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Question: On Sunday's (April 1) episode of "Mad Men," Don Draper ( Jon Hamm) and Harry Crane ( Rich Sommer) go backstage at a Rolling Stones concert to pitch the band on recording a jingle for Heinz baked beans. Encountered by two doubtful young Stones fans, Don says "Well, they did a cereal commercial in England."

So, did they?

Answer: Indeed. The Stones recorded the catchy jingle above for Rice Krispies in 1963. And, no, Don and Harry didn't land the Stones for a "Heinz is on my side" bean commercial.

Slate also points out that while the Stones never did a Heinz commercial, The Who included a spoof Heinz beans jingle on their 1967 album "The Who Sells Out":

Photo/Video credit: YouTube