'Mad Men' in Hawaii: Spoiler photos released from Season 6 premiere shoot

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jon-hamm-jessica-pare-hawaii-S6-mad-men.jpgSurf's up on "Mad Men"!

Production began this week on the highly anticipated sixth season of AMC's period drama, with Don Draper ( Jon Hamm) vacationing in Hawaii with his beautiful bride Megan ( Jessica Paré).

At least it looks like a holiday. In paparazzi photos taken on location Oct. 24, the couple are seen sunbathing in colorful '60s-era swimsuits, with Mr. Draper puffing on a cigarette while reading "The Inferno." (Who chooses Dante for their beach reading? Don Draper apparently.) In other photos, Megan sports a vibrant floral cover-up and floppy hat while clutching an Instamatic camera.

And unlike the couple's first sun-soaked trip together in "Tomorrowland" ("Mad Men's" fourth-season finale, when Don proposed to his secretary), the Draper kids are nowhere to be found. In fact, one photographer snapped a scene in which Don appears to be the best man at a wedding.

What do you think this beach blanket bingo reveals about the state of the Drapers' own marriage, which seemed shaky at the end of Season 5?
Photo/Video credit: AMC