'Mad Men' Season 6: Best and worst moments

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mad-men-season-6-better-half-don-betty-bobby.jpgWith only one episode left in the sixth season of "Mad Men," we think it's a good time to look back at the highs and lows Don Draper and company have delivered this year.

It started with the two-hour season premiere "The Doorway" back in April, and even though fans should be accustomed to the show's particular ebbs and flows by now, we still heard a lot of unfounded grumbling over a supposedly slow start.

Now that we're near the finish line, we're starting to see the master plan. And Season 6 was filled with as many high points as any of the show's previous years thanks to standout episodes including "For Immediate Release," "The Crash," "The Better Half," "Favors" and "The Quality of Mercy." Even lesser episodes still had strong individual storylines and important developments.

Click the link to check out the best and worst of season 6 in our photo gallery roundup. Then we'll see how the season finale stacks up this Sunday.
Photo/Video credit: AMC