'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 12 photos: 'Quality of Mercy' - Don goes back to work

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mad-men-jon-hamm-john-slattery-quality-of-mercy-amc.jpgLast week's "Mad Men" delivered one of the most shocking twists of the season when Sally Draper caught her father, Don, in the act with his neighbor and mistress, Sylvia.

Can this week's penultimate episode, titled "The Quality of Mercy," possibly top that? From the looks of these promotional photos released by AMC, Don may be avoiding the issue entirely by burying himself in work at SC&P.

Or maybe not, if we trust the episode's official synopsis (which is never a good idea): "The partners cannot agree on a new campaign; Don takes a day off."

Another lingering question: How will Pete deal with Bob Benson revealing his secret crush? We'll find out this Sunday.

mad-men-vincent-kartheiser-quality-of-mercy-amc.jpg mad-men-kevin-rahm-ted-quality-of-mercy-amc.jpg
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Photo/Video credit: AMC