'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 3 photos: 'The Collaborators' directed by Jon Hamm

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mad-men-jon-hamm-season-6-collaborators-amc.jpgIf you can parse any clues about the next episode of "Mad Men" from these just released AMC promotional stills, your detective skills are better than ours.

Here's what we know about this week's episode, "The Collaborators": It was directed by Jon Hamm (marking only the second time he's directed an episode of the series), who we heard rave about working on a scene featuring Vincent Kartheiser and Alison Brie -- so expect Trudy Campbell to return. The official description is: "Don has a disagreement with a client; Pete entertains a guest; Peggy tries to motivate the staff."

Want to know more? Good luck finding anything out before Sunday. Instead, just enjoy these images of Don (Hamm), Megan ( Jessica Pare), Joan ( Christina Hendricks), Peggy ( Elisabeth Moss) and Peggy's boss Ted ( Kevin Rahm).

Oh, and Christina Hendricks did tell us at the show's recent L.A. press day that she really enjoyed working with Mr. Hamm as a director this season. So we're thinking Joan will have more to do this week than she did in the season premiere. That should count for something, right?

mad-men-christina-hendricks-season-6-collaborators-amc.jpg mad-men-jessica-pare-season-6-collaborators-amc.jpg
Photo/Video credit: AMC