'Mad Men' Season 6 finale episode 13 photos: 'In Care Of' - How low can Don Draper go?

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mad-men-season-6-finale-don-draper-jon-hamm.jpgThere's just one installment left in "Mad Men" Season 6 and all that AMC will reveal about this year's finale is in the episode description: "Don has difficulties."

Really? We never would've guessed.

What actually unfolds in the hour is tightly under wraps (although we know that Megan won't die). At least these advance images give us the tiniest tease of Don, Joan, Roger, Jim Cutler, Stan and... oh, hello, Bert Cooper.

We'll find out what really goes down when the "Mad Men" finale, "In Care Of," premieres Sunday on AMC.

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mad-men-season-6-finale-joan-christina-hendricks.jpg mad-men-season-6-finale-harry-hamlin-john-slattery.jpg
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Photo/Video credit: AMC