'Mad Men' Season 6 interview: Christina Hendricks on Don and Joan, 'Scooby Doo' outfits and nearing the series finale

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mad-men-season-6-premiere-christina-hendricks-joan-amc.jpg Christina Hendricks has helped make Joan Holloway one of the most beloved characters on "Mad Men" -- not just for her curvaceous beauty, but also her mix of strength and vulnerability.

When something bad happens to Joan, the audience almost universally wants to help her out. That's one reason last season's sensational episode "The Other Woman" -- in which Joan sleeps with a Jaguar executive in exchange for a partnership -- was such a gut-wrenching viewing experience.

As Season 6 opens, Joan may or may not be enjoying the perks of that partnership (we can't say, because -- you know -- no spoilers). During a roundtable discussion at a recent Los Angeles press day for the show, Hendricks teased a bit about what's ahead for Joan (including "groovy" new costumes), whether or not there's any romantic future for her and Don, and why she wishes she could be on "Mad Men" forever.

On the ways Joan's decision to sleep with the Jaguar executive resonates in the new season...

Christina Hendricks: "One of the great things about Matt [Weiner] is that he carries some of these storylines through season after season after season, so these characters' decisions affect all their decisions after that. So, it will always be something that she knows she did. But one of the things I really like about Joan is that she makes a decision, sticks with it, demands not to be judged for it -- in all sorts of things that she does throughout the show -- and I think this is another one of those things."

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On whether or not the male partners at SCDP look down on Joan because of how she became a partner...

"We definitely are exploring the fact that we have seen her all of a sudden become partner and what that means. Are people going to just all of a sudden turn around and [say], 'Oh, Joan's  a partner. Let's treat her like a partner'? Or is it just a title and everything else is the same as usual?

"It is hard to answer that without revealing too much. I do think that Joan thinks she deserves the title and deserves the job and she has proven herself to be incredibly capable and quite talented at it. If she found out she wasn't getting the respect she deserved, it would bother her."

On how much she knew about Season 6 in advance...

"Usually, I call Matt at the beginning of the season and I say, 'Okay, what's going on?' And he's like, 'Well, I'm not really...' and then he tells me everything, which is awesome. This year, I've called him time after time and I said, 'What's happening next? What's going on?' He said, 'I'm not quite ready to tell you.' So, I got nothing this year."

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On the fans rooting for Don and Joan to get together...

"I love that the audience wants [to see them together] because there has been very little hinting at that. Yes, they had some really great scenes last season, where there was definitely flirtation and chemistry, but I think that was really about mutual respect and about two people having a lot of history together and knowing each other quite well. But you never know!"

On the style changes for Season 6 as the show moves into the late '60s...

"Janie Bryant, our costume designer, does an extraordinary job and the fashion is definitely changing. We are moving along in the '60s. I think Joan has a bit of a consistency, not only to her character, but to what she knows works for her and what she likes. She is definitely someone who reads fashion magazines and moves with the trends, but she definitely knows what works for her. I think the men's fashion this year is standout. It is definitely groovier. My outfit in that first episode, I feel like Daphne from 'Scooby Doo.' It is a lot of 'Scooby Doo' outfits."

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On whether or not she revisits old episodes to brush up on what's happened...

"I think I just have an incredible memory for them because every time we play a scene all those things influence your decisions as an actor. You have to remember the relationship that two people have every time they walk into a room together. There is that history, which is one of the best things about being on a show for six seasons -- you have all that information. You are not having to create a history. But every once in awhile in the middle of the night, I watch a rerun from the early seasons and I love it. I love it because there are things you forget, and you get to see Kiernan [Shipka] and she is so little and she is so fantastic. That is pretty fun to walk down memory lane like that."

On what she hopes happens to Joan in the final seasons [Matthew Weiner has hinted Season 7 could be the last]...

"It is hard because you really just want to do all these great scenes, and that can be disastrous or happy [for the character]. It doesn't matter as long as it is beautiful material and it always is luckily. As we get toward the end [of the series], I just hope that it wraps up beautifully for her. I don't think I will ever be satisfied because I would like to play her forever, so it will be difficult. I want her to be happy and in love, but it is 'Mad Men,' so who are we kidding?"

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