'Mad Men' Season 6 photos: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks all dressed up and going where?

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mad-men-jon-hamm-jessica-pare-don-megan-season-6-amc.jpgIn case you haven't heard, "Mad Men" kicks off its sixth season April 7 on AMC and the promo campaign for the new episodes is in full effect. We've already seen an illustrated poster and a behind the scenes featurette, and now we're getting a look at a few images of the cast in character.

These aren't actual stills from the show -- it's way, way too early for that -- but they may provide a few hints about what's to come. It's probably safe to assume we'll see more of Alison Brie ("Community") in her recurring role as Pete's wife Trudy Campbell. And there's sure to be drama between Don ( Jon Hamm), Megan ( Jessica Pare), Betty ( January Jones) and Henry Francis ( Christopher Stanley), although it's anyone's guess what kind and how much.

Instead of taking shots in the dark, we'll just let you check out the pics. (Or see even more in our "Mad Men" Season 6 gallery)

mad-men-january-jones-kiernan-shipka-jon-hamm-jessica-pare-season-6-amc.jpg mad-men-robert-morse-vincent-kartheiser-christina-hendricks-jon-hamm-john-slattery-season-6-amc.jpg
Photo/Video credit: AMC