'Mad Men' Season 6 pics: A party in black and white

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mad-men-season-6-2.jpgThe first photos from Season 6 of "Mad Men" have arrived, and one thought leaps to mind in looking at them: Pete Campbell is not aging well.

As you can see in the first of four black-and-white shots for the new season, which premieres April 7, Pete's ( Vincent Kartheiser) hairline has retreated significantly since we last saw him (the sideburns are new too). Whether that means a larger-than-usual time gap between seasons, or just that the stress of work, family and extramarital affairs is getting to Pete, remains to be seen.

The promo shots (they're not from any episode) show the cast at what appears to be a celebration, with everyone decked out in formal wear. Well, two of the photos do anyway. This one, of Don Draper ( Jon Hamm) and the women in his life, doesn't look super-happy.

mad-men-season-6-3.jpgNeither does this one of Peggy ( Elisabeth Moss), Don and two headless men. Read into the cropping out of those heads (and partial decapitation of Don) what you will as it pertains to Peggy's rise in the ad world.

mad-men-season-6-4.jpgThe photos also raise the question of what the men and women of Sterling Cooper Draper and maybe no longer Pryce are celebrating. The show has never been afraid to show that the times are leaving the likes of Don and Roger Sterling ( John Slattery) behind -- so maybe this is a last hurrah?

mad-men-season-6-1.jpgWe'll find out when "Mad Men" returns to AMC on April 7. What do you think of the photos?
Photo/Video credit: AMC