'Mad Men' Season 6 premiere spoiler photos: Don and Megan together, Joan at work, Sally scheming

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mad-men-season-6-premiere-jessica-pare-megan-amc.jpgAMC's "Mad Men" is notoriously spoiler-phobic, so it's safe to assume any preview materials the network releases before the episodes air have been carefully selected to reveal as little information as possible.

Still, the new images AMC has released from the two-part premiere episode, "The Doorway," airing this Sunday (April 7), do tease just a bit of info about some key character relationships, settings and time of year the story takes place.

Take a look to see what we've learned and check out more images in our "Mad Men" Season 6 gallery.

As you can possibly guess from the clothes in the photo above and the first photo below (and the leaked set photos last year), part of the premiere involves Don ( Jon Hamm) and Megan ( Jessica Pare) on vacation in Hawaii. And Don manages to find one of his favorite haunts, a local bar:

mad-men-season-6-premiere-jon-hamm-don-amc.jpgThe Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices are decorated for Christmas, so at least part of the action will take place near the end of the year. (What year? We can't say.)

mad-men-season-6-premiere-christina-hendricks-joan-amc.jpg mad-men-season-6-premiere-john-slattery-jon-hamm-vincent-kartheiser-amc.jpgAlthough no photos of Betty Draper ( January Jones) were released, we do know Don and Betty's daughter Sally ( Kiernan Shipka) will be involved. She's growing up fast, and -- as might be expected considering her parents -- isn't much interested in being a good little girl.

What do you think? Do Don and Megan look happy together here? Can their marriage last?

mad-men-season-6-premiere-jessica-pare-jon-hamm-megan-don-amc.jpgThe photos leave one big question (aside from Betty): Where's Peggy?

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Photo/Video credit: AMC