Madonna on 'Leno': The real story behind 'Like a Virgin' at the MTV Video Music Awards

Worldwide superstar Madonna stops by "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Monday night (Jan. 30), where she reveals the true story behind her infamous 1984 Video Music Awards performance of "Like a Virgin."

"Here's what happened," says Madonna. "I was standing at the top of a wedding cake, as one does, and I walked down these steps, which were the tiers of a wedding cake. And I lost my shoe. I lost my white stiletto. And I thought, 'Oh god, how am I gonna get that? It's over there and I'm on TV.'"

"So I thought well, I'll just pretend I meant to do this and I dove on to the floor and I rolled around and I reached for the shoe," she continues. "And as I reached for the show, the dress went up. And the underpants were showing.... I didn't mean to."

"And it became the greatest night in television history," cracks Leno.

Photo/Video credit: NBC