Major League Baseball's 2013 Cy Young Award is a WWE title belt - Pic

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At this rate they'll have to replace the bats with folding chairs soon. Major League Baseball has unveiled their "trophies" for the two pitchers being given the 2013 Cy Young Award, and MLB seems to be going WWE.

MLB shared photos of the new Cy Young Award championship belts on their Twitter, and they are actually WWE Championship titles, with a bit of a redesign to theme them for baseball. The side plates recognize the winners, Max Scherzer for the AL and Clayton Kershaw for the NL, along with their respective teams. The center plate features a replica of the actual award that's been handed out for years.

No word on whether they'll still get the traditional plaques, as well. For comparison, check out the current WWE Championship title below:

Photo/Video credit: MLB/WWE