'Make Me a Supermodel' Jenny Shimizu's soft bunnies

Salome_makemeasupermodel_s2_240 There are 11 hopefuls lefts on Make Me a Supermodel, yet there are still a few that I don't really see a whole lot of potential in. They stick out even more this week now that we don't have CJ's constant whining to distract us.

Amanda points out the obvious right away, teasing Gabriel about being in the bottom for the last three weeks running. I'm also not certain what the judges see in Laury, who seems to neither walk nor photograph with much personality. This week's photoshoot challenges  them the most, since it is underwater and they have to remember to hold their breath, arrange their limbs and stare off into space - all at the same time. Gabriel keeps his cheeks puffed out most of the time and Laury opens her eyes so wide that the photographer calls it the opposite of attractive.

Salome struggles the most, not because she can't take a good picture, but because she's terrified of drowning. In fact, at one point she does come close, seeming to get tangled up in the full length gown, unable to get her head above water and with her reach missing the side of the pool at every attempt. Yet, when the crew finally grasps what's going on and helps her, she coughs for a moment and then politely thanks them. No whining, no screaming, no snit, no drama....just "Thank you, guys". On top of that, she listens to every direction she's given and even declines the offer to hold on to a bar to help her out - determined to meet the needs of the photoshoot. I have to say, I'm impressed.

However, an impressive attitude isn't enough to win the prize - which goes to Jordan this week. However, she chooses to bring Salome with her on the go see, saying 'you earned it". Alas, it seems the damage Cory wrought by criticizing her weight last week is still in full effect as Salome thinks Jordan is playing a good game by selecting "the fattest girl here" to go with her.

On the way there, Jordan says some of the models are getting big heads and asks Salome to tell her is she gets one too. Salome is smart enough to look doubtful about that being a good idea. At the go see, they put her in a bikini and tell her she's not "fashiony" enough because she's a size small instead of an extra small. So, Jordan books the gig and Salome goes home to binge exercise. Great message. The models unwind by playing beer pong and we find out Amanda is a lousy drunk who puts Gabriel through a mood swing obstacle course.

The catwalk competition has the ladies representing fire and the guys as ice, in reds and cool tones. Which is all well and good, but the best part of the show is watching the models work with a walking coach and seeing them start to click with how they need to move. However, Braden's over confidence comes off as smarmy and Jordan whines that her skirt was too tight for her to do her "signature walk". Hey, remember that big head thing? You're there.

The best part of the judging is Jenny Shimizu telling Laury to think of "soft bunnies" to relax her face. The judges also criticize Salome a little more for her "curvy figure" - meaning, she actually has breasts - and Branden for his outrageous smirking. Salome is more determined to work out like crazy and surprisingly, Branden actually seems to listen to what the judges have to say. We'll see how that pans out next week. What we will not see next week, is Gabriel. And that's fine, as his expressionless face had gone from comical to sort of creepy. Topping out the evening is Sandhurst, and rightfully so as he did superb in both competitions.

Did Amanda seems a bit reactionary tonight? As if she has a need to be the center of attention at all times? When the other models clapped for Salome for overcoming her fear and doing so well at it, Amanda all but rolled her eyes. Not to mention her "You're an a$$!" to "I didn't really mean it" mood swing with Gabriel. Perhaps the judges were right and she does use emotions to try and get what she wants?