'Man of Steel' promotional art shows a darker side of Superman

As if the new trailer isn't enough to get fans excited for "Man of Steel," a series of promotional images have found their way online. They don't give away a ton about the plot, however they seem to highlight the idea that this is a darker version of the Superman story than has been seen in the past.

Many of the images find the hero cloaked in shadows or surrounded by skulls. One even refers to him as "Our Last Hope" as he flies above General Zod's ( Michael Shannon) army. The most interesting ones feature Superman ( Henry Cavill) and Zod in detailed versions of their costumes in the movie. The image of Superman in particular highlights the changes that have been made to his suit, including losing the trademark "red briefs."

In addition to Cavill and Shannon, "Man of Steel" also features Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner and Laurence Fishburne. This latest version of Superman lands in theaters July 14.

Take a look below to see our favorites from the new collection of promotional art, then check out the full gallery.

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.