Mariah Carey: First comes Christmas album, then comes baby

mariah-carey-oscars-2010-gi.jpg Mariah Carey is giving birth in more ways than one.

The music superstar's just-confirmed pregnancy is getting lots of attention, but her immediate focus is on Tuesday's (Nov. 2) unveiling of her second holiday CD, "Merry Christmas II You."

For the rest of the year, she'll be making the media rounds to promote it, and she admits she's already feeling the effects of tackling such a schedule in her current condition.

"That's the thing," the friendly Carey tells Zap2it. "I was like, 'Interviews? Today?' I worked so late last night, it was to the point where I got home and didn't even have the strength to take my makeup off.

"One perk was that I woke up today still looking good! I mean, even my hair. I had this sort of flip thing going on. I slept with a well-positioned neck pillow, and when I woke up, my flip was still good."