Mariah Carey no makeup photo shows off singer's natural beauty

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mariah-carey-no-makeup-photo.jpgThis new "American Idol" judge is known for her beautiful dresses, long locks and dolled-up look. But it's nice to see Mariah Carey can take it down a notch and still be a knockout, right?

Carey tweets, "Love to all the lambily!!! #WWLD," which is apparently a shout-out to World Wide Lamb Day. She is posing in the picture with an adorable stuffed lamb.

It's also a big week for Mariah and husband Nick Cannon. They celebrated Mariah's birthday (which she calls her anniversary), with Mariah tweeting the photo below and adding, "Thanks for the best anniversary and wwld in all the land!!!! Us before the helicopter hair." She also put up a video from the start of their evening.

Photo/Video credit: Twitter