Mark Fuhrman talks O.J. Simpson: 'It wasn't a first degree murder'

mark-fuhrman-3-430x330.jpgThirteen years after their last interview, Oprah Winfrey sat down with disgraced former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman to take a look back at the infamous O.J. Simpson case and what went wrong. Fuhrman, who famously lied under oath about using the N-word, which made an already racially-charged case even more flimsy, says that he wishes he'd never picked up the phone on that fateful night in Los Angeles.

After Winfrey admits that she frequently dreams about Simpson confessing to her, Fuhrman says that if he could say one thing to Simpson it would be, "I know you didn't mean to kill two people, and you didn't go there for that, and it wasn't a first degree murder."

Furhman reiterates Simpson's history of stalking his slain ex, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. He suggests that Brown caught Simpson "lurking," and the fatal altercation followed.

Two key pieces of evidence were ignored, according to Fuhrman. A piece of gum was found out the crime scene, but no molar impressions were ever taken to match the gum to the chewer.